Monday, October 13, 2008

alice in wonder land

i just got invited to peform in alice in wonder land with the sac ballet! its going to be a lot of fun if you know what i mean! im going to be a bunny and a hedgehog i have to jump over biger people its kinda hard and my sister is in it too shes in one seen that im in and its the bunny seen!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

nutcracker show!

hey everyone. my sisster is auditioning for the nutcracker right now. i am auditioning to but tomorrow ith one o my friends! i rely relly hopw that both of us will get the part! and be in the same caste cuz then we would be in the same show and that would be kool! u should come watch the nutcracker some time or even audition if u do ballet! it woul be fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

dance is almost over:(

today is recital rehearsal it is going to be a long day! but i will be fine. all my friend's will be there so it will be fun! but after recital. dance is over but that mean's that i can have all of my friend's over because they are out of school!

my ballet sister

my sister does ballet. so my mom is makeing a ballet costume for my sister. it is pink. it looks great. my sister is doing a ballet solo so that is why my mom is making a ballet costume for my sister.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my solos

i love to do solos its so fun! this is one of my solos when i was 6 or 7 dont i look cute! my mom made this costume for me.

my pet fifi

i have a pet. her name is fifi. she is small. she is a hamster. she as blak fur. she is the best pet in the world. i love her. i see her every night becaus she is nocturnal. i like to put her in her ball and she like's it to!

happy halloween!

have a happy happy halloween! you get lots of candy! and its lots of fun. what are you going to be for halloween? im going to be a fairy well have lots of fun and never stop trick or treating! this phto is from last year and im the one with the white face and my sisters the one in the middle and are friend is the green one. we are trick or treating at her house and we are trickor treating at her house this year to.